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Green Minds Tour

The Wits Siyakhana Initiative: Ecological Health and Food Security – Bezhuidenhout Park
from/per person R850
  • Hop on and hop off
  • 4 Hours
  • Book in advance
  • Availability:2-26
  • Age:8-90


Green Minds Tour

Step away from the concrete jungle, and step into the real jungle, not so far from all the edifices and the noise from the every days hustle and bustle; you know that usual rush known to put people in panic mechanic mode- nothing fancy- it’s just another day going by, often business, like any other day.

Don’t bother sweating any further, we have just the right medicine at the right place to help slow everything down and bring life to a natural pace - welcome to complete calmness where the city buzz continues fading with the far distance.

We take our time and yours to show you around a beautiful farm we call home, take off your shoes and feel the ground, and experience the roots of Mother Nature grounding you, at the same twist of healthy fate, we are joined by a farmer and herbalist who will explain everything on site.

The knowledge gained by our expert over the cunning years is simply phenomenal, it is not only a mental journey that leaves you in theory land and leave you hanging in cloud nine, practicality is the name of the game; we also help you pick your best organically fresh produced vegetables and the best herbs of your choice. The jungle is open to the public and you are invited.


  • Lunch breaks
  • Herbs
  • Transport

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